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Family Law and Other Services


Divorce is often an emotionally charged and financially challenging time for families. Attorney Jennifer E. Davis is able to create solutions for families regarding parenting issues, asset division and debt payment that will meet the family’s needs for competent resolution. She is focused and caring toward her clients and clear but non-combative with the opposing spouse. Paperwork on your case will be filed on time, and you will be kept current on the progress of your case. Attorney Davis takes a “team” approach to any divorce, and so the client is involved in providing and reviewing financial documents and participating in the crafting solutions for his or her case.
As well, Attorney Davis offers other, related services to her clients, including the drafting of Wills following the completion of the divorce as well as real estate closing services, to facilitate the sale or refinance of the marital home, or the purchase of a new home.


Mediation and Collaborative Divorce
Many families opt for alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”), seeking to resolve their cases with discretion, economy and a focus on what is best for their children. Attorney Davis believes that many cases are suitable for alternative dispute resolution, whether they have minimal assets or significant financial holdings. ADR offers participants a reduction in stress around the transitioning family by avoiding courtroom negotiations as well as a more affordable divorce process.


Child Custody and Parental Access
Attorney Davis is experienced in crafting creative, responsive parenting plans for transitioning families.  With her training in child development, she is able to guide families toward parenting plans that support their children’s  developmental needs while acknowledging the changes occurring in their family of origin. She will help parents to develop a framework for parenting that extends beyond the divorce, in an effort to prevent a return to the court process.


Custody Relocation
Many transitioned families experience change when there is a new marriage or a job change; it is an unfortunate and painful fact of our increasingly mobile society. Issues around relocation of a child from one parent include financial considerations as well as parenting access. Attorney Davis is experienced in this type of litigation and is able to offer clients a clear vision of their options, regardless of which parent is proposing to relocate.


Child Support
Child Support issues for families are often so much more than the payment or receipt of a weekly check, and consist of conversations around health insurance coverage, extra-curricular expenses and college education. Child support agreements should include the full scope of expenses incurred in the raising of children.


Post-Judgment Contempt and Modification
Sometimes individuals need to enforce past court orders, or they need to change them to reflect current circumstances. Attorney Davis is able to bring enforcement to an existing court order or if necessary, return certain issues to the court to modify the order to one that more clearly reflects the family’s present circumstances.


Grandparents Options
Many grandparents have found themselves raising their grandchildren due to the unavailability of the child’s parents. Many of these cases involve working with the Department of Children and Families. Attorney Jennifer E. Davis has represented a number of grandparents over the years in the Probate Courts, and she is comfortable with her understanding of guardianship law in Connecticut.


Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial Agreements
With the increase in divorce, our society is seeing an increase in second and even third marriages for individuals. For those who marry later in life, they may have assets that they have acquired early on and this is a sound basis for doing some financial planning around those assets. A pre- or post-nuptial agreement, entered into with knowledge and professional guidance, is an excellent way for couples embarking on a subsequent marriage to have a clear understanding about their assets and their money.


Hague Convention conflicts
Another result of our increasingly mobile society is that more and more people are raising children with individuals from other countries. If that relationship breaks down, there is often a difficult tension between the parties with regard to where children will be raised. Attorney Davis has had experience both defending and prosecuting matters in the federal court regarding children being removed from the United States or being brought to the United States, under another parent’s objection. This is a difficult and structured area of the law, and one that offers many challenges to families.


Notary Public
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